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Dr. Daniel E. Halpert

Dr. Halpert is a double board-certified (click here to find out what this means) physician in Interventional Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine. He was introduced to pain management and rehabilitation in his early teenage years when he was a pedestrian struck by a "hit and run" car. Through a multidisciplinary program, he was able to regain his strength and function to the point of participating in high school and college athletics and has remained interested and involved in the fields ever since.

Dr. Halpert is an osteopathic physician (D.O.) (learn more here) who received his training through the world-renowned hospitals affiliated with both The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School, which are consistently ranked as the top hospitals in the United States. He has cared for patients from all over the world and has authored several publications (view here), including articles in major peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals as well as a book chapter. Dr. Halpert's focus is on treating all types of pain conditions affecting any and all part(s) of the body, regardless of the source of pain.

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