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Culpeper, Virginia 22701                                                                                                  info@mypaincenter.org

At this time, due to the COVID 19 pandemic:

-Procedures and New Patient visits will be postponed until further notice. For those seeking New Patient appointments, please call us at (540) 423 6239.  Leave a voicemail message if necessary and we will contact you when we begin to schedule new patient visits again.

-We will continue to see established patients via telemedicine appointments only. You can visit our virtual waiting room simply by clicking the VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM link above. You must communicate with the doctor via audio/video during your appointment time and your appointment must be scheduled.

-To schedule an appointment or for all other matters, please call us at (540) 423 6239. Leave a voicemail message if necessary and your call will be returned within one business day.

-We are no longer refilling any type of medication by phone or by pharmacy request. You must schedule an appointment and discuss any refills with the doctor during your appointment time.

-Stay safe, be well and take social distancing seriously.

Welcome to Advanced Medical Sports & Spine, PLLC, the office of Dr. Daniel Halpert

We understand the devastating impact that pain can have on your life as we have treated patients from all over the world who suffer from pain.  Whether your symptoms originate from a recent or long-standing accident or injury or come from a medical, orthopedic, surgical, rheumatic, or neurological problem, we have the tools to help identify the correct source and the correct treatment of your pain.  

We use only the most cutting-edge technologies throughout our practice in order to bring you the most advanced treatment options available.  Our treatment plans consist of rehabilitation therapy, medication management, advanced image-guided targeted injections and ablations, and minimally invasive surgeries.  We always begin with only the most conservative of treatments first and will only progress onto more involved therapies if and when absolutely necessary.  We will work together with you, as a team, to help return your quality of life and restore and optimize your functional level.  

We are pain specialists and the treatment of pain is the only focus and dedication of our practice.